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by Westbound

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released June 10, 2015



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Westbound Surrey, British Columbia

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Track Name: Insight
I'm trying hard to find, a little bit of insight
Into everything, and anything, you might have let pass by
So keep treating me like an option, and I'll show you a choice
I've been waiting on your call, But that's not the point because I'd
Fall off, For you, You knew that I totally wanted to
And I can stay for awhile, with something to prove

Maybe it's not about the ending
Maybe its about how you got there
But for so long, I thought differently
This insanity, will get the best of me

But what do you want me to say
When you come back looking for a reason to stay
Please explain everything in detail
So we're not just playing the same old games
We had it all, But you let it slip away
I can never look back on what we had
Because it leaves a sour taste

Because I'd never
Fall off, For you
It's something that I don't want to do
You only stayed for awhile
Now its my time to choose

Maybe its all about the ending
A lesson learned about how we got there
But for so long I thought differently
I have my sanity
This is a brand new me

Track Name: Last Call
This is your last call
Pay your tabs and never look back again
I'm in it for the long haul
Can't just sit here and drown in what could have been
I'm ready for whatever life throws at me
Keep pushing forward until its the end of me
It's in my blood, in my heart especially
We don't fuck around we're making history

I gotta get away, get away, just up and leave
I gotta get away, get away, So I can breath again
The best part of it all, is you're all too small
Becoming part of the downfall

I'm Leaving everything, everything, all behind
I'm Leaving everything, everything, that caught fire
All these memories, will fade away, its for the best
Because I'm calling the shots, and breaking hearts in the process

I might be exaggerating, on the point I'm making
but it's never been so clear
I've fallen, out of this
The novelty of it all, has worn off slightly
Enough to make a fallout seem so likely
But I never wanted anything more then this
It's not a chance to miss

I'm Always breaking down, and taking one step back
But I'm on my way, so lets call it a wrap
At the end of the day I know that I'll be Fine